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Hardisk Search - Looking for anomalies in a hard disk

Hello, welcome to my home page. My name is René Enriquez and I am a Information Technology Specialist. For those who do not know what we do or about our training, I.T. Specialist can have a broad background that cover various computer technical skills. 

I have an inclination towards computer networking and I am now acquiring knowledge and training in Information Security.   Please feel free to browse my other pages on this site.  Enjoy.

Computer Forensics

Computer forensic science is the practice of gathering a direct copy of a data partition from a device such as computer hard drives or other sources might be phones and tablets to be analyzed and prepared in legal proceedings.  Once the data partition has been copied it is then loaded in a virtual environment and searched for the presumed evidence.  Some samples of evidence can be illicit materials such as media files, photographs and videos of victims that have been filmed unlawfully.