René Enriquez - I.T. Specialist

René's Interests

my visit to Thailand - Temple Palace

One of my interests is traveling with my family and enjoying different cultures. The last place we visited was Bangkok, Thailand. I love eating local Thai cuisine and street vendor foods. Some interesting foods we experienced was Thai mango and sticky rice cooked with coconut milk. Another dish we enjoyed a lot was Tomyum and we also sampled a delicious mushroom soup, a variety of fish balls on sticks, and Pad Thai. You'll never run out of wonderful local foods to try especially at night as you walk-about the city streets due to their abundance of street food vendors.

The Thai monuments are a wonderful thing to experience up close.  The intricate paintings at the grand palace are an amazing feature to see.  One cannot even imagine the years of detailed work the artists endured.  Other amazing sights to admire are the sculptures surrounding the grand palace, the temple decorations and Buddha statues.

Our Visited Destinations at Bangkok, Thailand

my visit to Thailand - Enjoying Thai Mushroom Soup my visit to Thailand - Wat Pho - Temple of the Reclining Buddha